Hateful sloganeering at a Rang Panchami celebration in Madhya Pradesh (Sabrang)

In spite of the festival being a time of joy and colour, the video's atmosphere is dreary

Hate Watch

A video has been making rounds on the internet, showing a group of men celebrating Rang Panchami in Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh. While the festival is a time of joy and colour, the atmosphere in the video is marred by a hateful slogan being shouted by the group.


The slogan, “Teer maro taan ke, Mullo ki g#*d pe“,” is deeply offensive and discriminatory. It is disturbing to see such hatred being spread during a time that is supposed to be about spreading love and happiness.  Roughly translated it means, “Shoot the arrow with resolve, on the backside of Muslims (derogatory term used for Muslims).”…

This story was originally published in sabrangindia.in. Read the full story here


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