Hate Watch: Video shows Mob brutally thrashing a young man for talking to a girl ( CJP )

The victim, allegedly a Muslim, was threatened to be killed if found talking to another girl

A video of a young man being beaten up by a mob has been doing rounds on Social Media. It has been claimed that the man being assaulted belongs to the Muslim community, and the assaulters are Hindus.

In the video, the mob can first be seen accusing the Muslim man of doing something, while the same is being denied by him. The audio of the said video is not clear enough to figure out what is being said. While one person from the mob can be seen holding the collar of the Muslim man as well as slapping him, other people from the mob can also be seen assaulted him and slapping him. Through half of the video, one man from the mob can be seen pointing a finger at the Muslim youth and talking to him. The Muslim man can be seen and heard requesting the people of the mob to listen to him and not hit him.

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One person from the mob can then be heard suggesting that the Muslim man should be thrashed more. The youth can then be seen folding his hands. The mob then suggests that he should be hit below his waist. While all this is being said, multiple members of the mob can be seen making a video. He is then dragged away from the wall that he was standing next to and brought to the centre of the mob. Two men from the mob can then be seen flogging the Muslim youth, hitting his legs with sticks, till he falls down.

As per the information provided, this incident is from Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh.

The video can be viewed here:

An FIR has been filed by the victim. According to the FIR, this incident took place on January 3, 2023. The victim, a student of MCA, was returning from a market at 2 pm in the afternoon when a girl came to talk to him, enquiring about some book. As he was talking to the girl, some 3-4 unknown people surrounded him and started asking him why he was talking to the girl. This mob then started abusing him verbally and physically too. As provided in the FIR, people who were passing them witnessed this incident too.

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