Gujarat: Six Madrasas demolished in Kutch ( Muslim Mirror )

A Madarsa being demolished by bulldozer.

On January 16, the Gujarat government used bulldozers in several places. 36 commercial establishments and 6 madrasas have been demolished  in  Kutch area of the state.

According to media reports, the bulldozers came into action in  the border coastal area action plan.

During the Gujarat assembly election campaign in November, BJP workers in Surat campaigned on JCB (bulldozers). The event took place when the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh was on his way for election campaign in the state.

Notably, the UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath is also known as Bulldozer Baba as he has done used bulldozers on illegal constructions of criminals in the state.

During the election campaign BJP had boasted about using bulldozers against criminals and illegal encroachers in Gujarat too.

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