The Gujarat government on Tuesday began demolishing properties they allege are encroachments in Himmatnagar city, where anti-Muslim violence had broken out by Hindutva groups during a Ram Navami procession.

The Gujarat BJP government’s decision to raze properties of Muslims soon after Hindutva violence follows similar actions taken by the Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh BJP administrations and BJP controlled North Delhi Municipal Corporation.

“The municipality has started carrying out demolition in Chhapariya locality, which is close to where the communal clash had erupted on Ram Navami,” Superintendent of Police Vishal Vaghela told PTI news agency.

The authorities deployed cops in the area as bulldozers began removing the alleged encroachments in Chhapariya.

The police have arrested 11 Muslims in connection with an alleged conspiracy. According to Anand District Superintendent of Police Ajit Rajian, the violence was a “pre-planned conspiracy” hatched by a sleeper module to achieve the dominance of the Muslim community.

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