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By Clarion India

NEW DELHI  –  the tranquil landscapes of Junagadh in Gujarat, a storm of controversy brewed in the intervening night of Monday and Tuesday as the news of the demolition of a centuries-old dargah reverberated through the city.

According to media reports, the demolition operation was executed amidst heavy police deployment, intensifying the shock and disbelief among the local community.

The dargah, a symbol of spiritual significance and heritage for the Muslim population in the city, stood as a beacon of peace and reverence for generations. However, its fate took a drastic turn when authorities decided to raze it down, citing encroachment on public land, a report in the Indian Express said. This move sparked a wave of protests and unrest, with many questioning the legality and morality of the action.

Local residents expressed shock and anguish at the sudden destruction of their sacred site, which held deep historical and cultural significance. “It’s like erasing a part of our identity,” lamented one resident, capturing the sentiments of many dismayed by the demolition. The incident not only shattered physical structures but also inflicted wounds on the collective psyche of the community.

As tensions simmered, clashes erupted between protesters and law enforcement authorities, leading to reports of violence and arrests. The situation further escalated when reports emerged of Muslims being targeted and subjected to flogging, fueling concerns about religious persecution and human rights violations. Such actions drew widespread condemnation from human rights organisations and civil society groups.

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