RSS leader Dattatreya Hosabale on Monday said the Central government will not back down on fully implementing the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) but an atmosphere needs to be created to remove certain hurdles standing in the way.

He also claimed that agitations were organised against CAA as part of a conspiracy and misinformation was spread against it across the world.

Addressing a gathering of Hindu migrants from Pakistan in Ahmedabad, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh general secretary urged the people to once again create an atmosphere which would remove all the hurdles coming in the way of the Centre in “fully” implementing the Act.

“CAA was an attempt to fast-track the process of granting citizenship to persecuted minorities of Pakistan and Bangladesh. The idea was to see that there is no waiting period for those minorities who want to come here because of persecution,” said Hosabale.

He said the government is definitely mulling to fully implement the Act.

“The government will not back down. But, there are still some hurdles. Thus, we all need to once again create an atmosphere which would remove all those hurdles,” said the RSS leader.

The Citizenship (Amendment) Act provides for granting Indian citizenship to non-Muslims — Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, Parsis and Christians — coming from Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

The CAA was passed by the Parliament on December 11, 2019, and the Presidential nod was received the next day. Subsequently, it was notified by the Ministry of Home Affairs.

However, the law is not implemented as rules under the CAA are yet to be framed…

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