Srinagar- Following the Israel-Hamas conflict, the Jammu and Kashmir Police here in the Union Territory has ramped up its vigil on social media platforms to prevent any misuse.

Top authoritative sources were quoted by a local news agency KNS as saying that the police have initiated various measures to oversee online activities in the region, including the tracking of posts, comments, and messages that may incite violence or spread false information.

They have also urged the public to report any suspicious or harmful content they come across on social media.

However the Police have assured that their monitoring efforts will be in line with established legal frameworks and respect the rights and privacy of individuals.

“Our focus is on monitoring accounts with questionable credentials and swiftly responding to potential threats in order to maintain stability in the region. The conflict in the Middle East has led to concerns about the possible spillover of violence into other regions. In response to these concerns, the police have been meticulously monitoring social media channels, where various actors have been known to disseminate propaganda and engage in activities that could incite violence,” a top police official said, adding that doubtful credentials of some accounts have raised suspicions, prompting police to keep a watchful eye.

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