Vanessa Dougnac. File photo: X/@RSF_inter

A French journalist said on February 16 she was leaving India, where she had worked for more than two decades, after authorities threatened her expulsion for what they termed “malicious and critical” reporting.

Vanessa Dougnac, a contributor to several French-language publications including the weekly magazine Le Point, had worked in India for 23 years.

The Home Ministry sent her a notice last month saying that her work was “inimical” to national interests and said it had provisionally decided to cancel her permanent residency.

“Leaving is not my choice,” Ms. Dougnac said in a statement announcing her departure.

“I am unable to work and have been unfairly accused of prejudicing the interests of the state. It has become clear that I cannot keep living in India.”

Ms. Dougnac had reported on a number of flashpoint topics, including the Maoist Naxalite insurgency in parts of rural India.

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