Hardworking, bright, religious — Nurul Hasan Shikalgar (32) who died in communal clashes in the Pusesavali village of Maharashtra’s Satara on Sunday, 10 September, is fondly remembered by those close to him.

As several businesses and internet services remained shut across the district for the third consecutive day on Wednesday, the family of Nurul Hasan — old parents and a wife six months pregnant — continues to be in shock.

A pattern that is seen in several communal incidents in the state in the recent past, the clashes in Satara, too, were triggered by an objectionable social media post.

The local authorities suspended the internet, locked down the village, and suspended all services in order to control the situation.

As the village drags itself back to normalcy, the family of Nurul Hasan, however, now feels “crippled forever.”

Pregnant Wife, Old Parents, Loans: What Nurul Hasan Left Behind

Nurul Hasan’s father Liyaqat Shikalgar, a teacher in a local Urdu school, is still too shocked to speak. Nurul’s mother is a retired government hospital nurse.

Nurul Hasan got married Ayesha on 20 November last year.

“My daughter-in-law is five months pregnant with their first child and she still refuses to eat. Our life is destroyed. He was our only child. My wife and I are old. We feel crippled now,” Liyaqat told The Quint over the phone as he broke down.

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