By Kibria Ansary

A man named Debasis Sengupta committed suicide fearing the loss of his citizenship. The family alleged that 31-year-old Debasis took his own life due to the fear of CAA-NRC.

Police stated that Debasis’s body was recovered from his maternal uncle’s house on Wednesday. The deceased was a resident of Netajinagar in Kolkata.

The deceased’s family alleged, “He was ‘terrified’ of losing his citizenship. He committed suicide because his parents did not have records.”

It is known that Debasis’s parents came to this country as refugees. He was scared because his father had no valid documents.

If CAA-NRC were to be implemented, they may lose their citizenship, and they could even be jailed.

Debasis repeatedly expressed concerns to his family about the looming threat of being stripped of citizenship and the possibility of incarceration.

Debasis’s aunt, Sobha Roy said, “He always told me what would happen if I was thrown out. Where to go? I said, why chase? Why are you afraid?”

According to the family, Debasis went to his maternal uncle’s house on March 19. His body was found hanging at his maternal uncle’s house on March 20.

Following Debasis’s tragic death, his father, Tapan Sengupta, filed a complaint with the Netajinagar Police Station. In his complaint, he said his son was under ‘severe mental stress’ after the CAA was announced. He was worried about not having the necessary documents. Based on the complaint, the police have launched an investigation.

Joint Commissioner of Kolkata Police (Headquarters) Meeraj Khalid stated, “The body was recovered from Subhashgram under Baruipur district police jurisdiction. He is a resident of Netajinagar police station. The victim’s family has lodged a complaint with the local police station.”

TMC’s Kunal Ghosh, Shashi Panja, Saayoni Ghosh, Arup Chakraborty, and Nadimul Haque met the family on Thursday.

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