Indresh Kumar : ANI

Varanasi: Amid the ongoing hijab controversy in the country, RSS leader Indresh Kumar on Thursday condemned the “hidden vote bank politics”, and “misuse” of Muskan Khan, a girl whose video of being heckled by a group of miscreants went viral and cautioned the Muslim girls to be aware of the hardliners.

Speaking to ANI over the phone, Kumar said, “The cruel and disgusting face of the hijab row in Karnataka came to the fore. Some hardliners have misused a Muslim daughter Muskan Khan who always wears Jeans and made it a business to shame India and malign the name of Islam.”

“I condemn the hidden vote bank politics and the hardliners behind the hijab controversy. I caution the daughters to beware of such people. Be it Congress, or any other political party, they are playing anti-democratic, anti-Constitution and anti-India roles,” he added.

Calling the hijab row a “conspiracy”, the RSS leader demanded a thorough investigation into the matter.

“The emergence of this hijab controversy is a conspiracy. In the name of the hijab, there is a conspiracy to divide the country. The reality is in front of us. This proves that on one side, the hardliners are drawing the daughters away from education, on the other hand, they are also playing with their future. I would say that there should be a thorough investigation so that the truth can come to the fore at the soonest,” he said.

Kumar further appealed to the Muslim community to abide by the laws of the country and said to “live according to the laws of the country.”

Noting that lakhs of Muslim daughters wear jeans every day, Kumar said that the hardliners want to use them to break the unity and brotherhood of the country.

“Hijab controversy is a conspiracy, these daughters wore jeans daily and they still continue to do so. Lakhs of Muslim daughters are seen wearing jeans in the country. The hardliners want to use the Muslim daughters to break the unity and brotherhood of India. Muskan Khan’s photo has also emerged where she is seen wearing jeans and sitting in front of her house,” he said.

“I urge the Muslim population to maintain India’s unity. The political parties which try to stain Islam and shame the Muslims should be exposed and taught a lesson,” the RSS leader said.

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