A Twitter account called ‘Hindutva Watch’ which reports on incidents of hate crimes and hate speeches by right wing groups reported that a new strategy is being adopted by the RW-groups. They have started muting live streams of their events whenever any objectionable comment is being made which could land them into trouble and invite legal action. Many such events are being held by far-right organizations and groups from time to time in various cities of the country. The speakers often make inflammatory and hateful remarks which get record on their own live stream or gets recorded from someone in the audience and gets circulated over social media. It is meant to perpetrate and further disseminate their vile comments amongst Hindus but these videos also catch the attention of rights groups and individuals fighting for rights of minorities and they raise their voice in protest, with many filing complaints against them as well.

Presumably, it is to avoid any such action, that these groups have started this new approach of muting their videos in places were controversial and communalist comments are made to avoid penal action.

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An example of one such incident was posted by Hindutva Watch where Sudarshan News Editor-in-Chief was speaking at Hindu Janajagruti Samiti event held in Jalgaon, Maharashtra on December 25. However, despite the muting, the rest of the speech is as abhorrent and inflammatory and every sentence spoken by Chavhanke is an offence under the Indian Penal Code. He has not only made comments against the festival of Christmas being secularly celebrated in the country but has also made objectionable remarks about Muslim women. He makes baseless allegations against madrassas and made false and baseless claims about forced religious conversions in Jalgaon.

The entire transcript of the 9-minute-long video posted on twitter, wherein Chavhanke makes a speech in Hindi, can be read here:

“Today’s program is not just being seen by Hindu lions and lionesses in the audience but is also being viewed by some pigs”.

“I can see some of them standing atop buildings, some welding caps (then goes on mute).. From Jalgaon to Khandwa if you take a train, you can see land has been captured, ‘Land jihad’ has occurred. It feels like the train is passing through Pakistan. If this continues then in the near future, this railway line that connect south India to north India will get captured and it will be similar to how PFI tried to separate the ‘chicken neck’ region from India”

“In Solapur, some Hindu boys marched to the Collector’s office in wedding attire protesting that they are not finding girls to marry. I want to say to those young boys that if you want to hold protest, March to that Mosque (video mutes).. go to the Madrassas where it is taught how to cheat our women”

“It is taught in these mosques how to tie kalava, how to keep fake identity, they are given motorcycles. This is an organized crime. They are big dacoits and terrorists and so that there is a law against it, I am coming to Maharashtra”

“Today is a Christian festival. There are 2% Christians in India, at least the ones who tell their real names, leave aside the fake ones. The festival of these 2% is being imposed on the 98% people. The Hindus are so gullible that they are putting up Christmas trees in hotels, malls, airports. Is there any relation of Christmas trees and India? (Crowd echoes a ‘No’) But we were made into fools. From December 25 to January 5, we will not see anything else. Our children will grow up looking at Christmas tree and they will think is ours and that is why Sudarshan (his news channel) since the past 10-12 years has started worshipping the tulsi plant instead of worshipping Christmas tree”

“Christianity has ruined our intellect. In your area as well, Christians are carrying out religious conversions. You must be thinking that only Dalits must be getting converted but even Adivasis are getting converted in large numbers. Especially members of the Banjara community are being made to convert in large numbers and in opposition to this, Jalgaon district held a International Banjara Kumbh and we should all support it. The Christians and Muslims conspired against us. In the name of Islam, they took Pakistan, yet even after independence, many of our Education Ministers were Muslims. Our first Education was not even Indian, he was a Saudi national. He was educated in a Madrassa and was making our education policy.  Along with Christians, they did not let the stories our Hindu Bravehearts come to the forefront. In CBSE syllabus there are only four lines dedicated to Shivaji Maharaj. Aurangzeb, Babur, Khilji find mention. Today, this is getting transformed. If you fall into her mentality then your next generation will be Muslims.”

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