Student activist, Safoora Zargar who is an accused in the Delhi riots has been allowed to visit her hometown in Kashmir by Delhi Court.

Zargar will be in her home town in Kashmir for a period of one month for performing one of the ceremonies ‘Aqiqah’ on the occasion of festival of Eid-ul-Milad.

Additional Sessions Judge Amitabh Rawat allowed Zargar’s plea subject to the condition that she will drop a pin on Google Maps for the purpose of verification to be done by the IO, LiveLaw reported.

While directing Zargar to diligently observe all the bail conditions imposed by the Delhi High Court, the Court ordered thus:

“The applicant shall also furnish the itinerary of her visit to the investigating officer through official email. The applicant will ‘drop-a-pin’ on Google maps, so that the Investigating Officer can verify the applicant’s presence and location. The mobile numbers of the Investigating Officer is already known applicant and is also mentioned in the present application.”

Zargar was granted bail by the Delhi High Court on 23rd June last year on humanitarian grounds subject to a condition that she will take the permission of the concerned Court if she wants to leave the Jurisdiciton of Delhi.

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