Chief election commissioner Rajiv Kumar. Photo: Screengrab via YouTube/ECI

By The Wire Staff

New Delhi: When asked why the Election Commission (EC) did not act decisively against Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s remarks targeting Muslims this general election, chief election commissioner Rajiv Kumar told Scroll it had “deliberately decided” it would “not touch” the top two leaders in the BJP and the Congress.

“We deliberately decided – this is such a huge nation – that the top two people in both the parties we did not touch. Both party presidents we touched equally,” Scroll quoted Kumar as saying on Monday (June 3).

The news outlet said Kumar was referring to Modi and home minister Amit Shah, and the Congress’s Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, when he said top two people in both parties.

During a speech in Rajasthan in April, Modi said that promises made in the Congress’s manifesto meant it would redistribute people’s wealth, including the mangalsutras worn by married Hindu women, to “those who produce more children” and “infiltrators” – terms he used to obliquely refer to Muslims.

The Wire and other media have reported that the Congress manifesto does not promise to do this.

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