Kartik Kakar

By Pratyush Deep / News Laundry

Nearly a month after 40 more assessors were appointed to fast track compensation claims of the Delhi violence victims, the agency responsible for settling such applications is still struggling to contact these new appointees, sources told Newslaundry. The new list does not have any contact number, email ID or address, they said.

Set up in November 2020, the North East Delhi Riots Claims Commission has so far been able to settle only 7 percent – 200 of the total 2,775 claims – filed by victims of the February 2020 riots, according to the Delhi Lieutenant Governor’s office. That the panel has been functioning with only 14 assessors over the last two years is also a reason behind the pendency.

Considering the delay, LG V K Saxena appointed 40 more assessors – finalised by Delhi’s home department – on August 24 with a deadline to clear all claims within the next three months. But the NEDRCC hasn’t been able to contact the new appointees, sources said.

Assessors are a crucial part of the claims process; they file reports based on their assessment of damages to the claim commissioner, who then sends a recommendation to the Delhi high court, which clears the final payment after examination.

“The list of new appointments was finalised by the home department of the government of Delhi. How can one expect such an erroneous list to be approved by these top officials,” a source said, adding, “I don’t know how the commission is going to contact these assessors.”

The list, seen by Newslaundry, names mostly chartered accountants, insurance surveyors, accounting firms or lawyers. There’s duplication too; five of the assessors have been named twice in the new list. Two new appointees are also part of the reserved list, which features 10 assessors who could be contacted in case those in the main list do not respond.

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