Dalit Youth Brutally Beaten to Death by Liquor Mafia: Shock and Outrage in Rajasthan (The Mooknayak)

Former CM Ashok Gehlot, PCC Chief Govind Singh Dotasara and various Dalit organizations and activists have strongly condemned the incident. Since the BJP government assumed power, crimes against Dalits have surged rapidly, they claimed.

Dalit Youth Brutally Beaten to Death

By Geetha Sunil PillaiSatya Prakash Bharti

Jhunjhunu- In Rajasthan’s Jhunjhunu district, a Dalit youth employed in a cow shed was subjected to brutal torture, resulting in his death. He was tied upside down with an iron pipe, subjected to extreme torture as his soles were repeatedly beaten with sticks for six hours.

According to the police, the illegal liquor trade flourished in the village of Baloda, where the victim, Rameshwar Valmiki (27), had associations with liquor producers. This stirred animosity among their competitors, who held legitimate liquor sale contracts. They sought to terminate the illicit liquor trade. Consequently, this rivalry culminated in Rameshwar’s abduction from his residence.

It is reported that influential people in liquor business, intimidate the villagers to force them to buy liquor. Dalits are the primary victims of exploitation by the liquor mafia there. Rameshwar’s murder is being cited as a recent example of this.

According to police reports, on the morning of May 14th, Rameshwar left home to attend a funeral after returning from the cow shed. He was abducted by the assailants and taken to a mansion, where he was held captive for six hours.

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