Dalit Student At Banaras Hindu University Sodomised By Fellow Student (ETV Bharat)

In a shocking incident, a Dalit student at Banaras Hindu University was sodomised by a student of the same university on Saturday.

By  ETV Bharat English Team

Varanasi: In a heinous incident, a Dalit student, who was studying MA (Sociology) final year at Banaras Hindu University (BHU) was sodomised. The victim lodged a complaint at Lanka Police Station in connection with the incident. The victim said that there was a sudden power failure in the lobby of Rajaram Hostel in the wee hours of Saturday. After which he ventured out of the room and saw that the MCB box had fallen. When he tried to lift the box, he was attacked and beaten up by a student, who is pursuing a Master of Personal Management and Industrial Relations, along with another student.

The victim told the police in his complaint that when he ran away from there, the accused followed him to his room. After this, one of the students started sodomising him. “When I protested, he started beating me. Injured by punching and slapping when I tried to call 112, the accused snatched my phone,” he alleged.

He said that they kept him captive in the room for about half an hour. The victim said that after hearing his screams, other students informed the warden and the Proctorial Board. The victim said that after receiving the information, the Proctorial Board team reached Rajaram Hostel at around 4 am and they rescued him. After this, he was provided treatment at the trauma centre. The reason behind the incident is yet to be ascertained as the police are investigating the case.

This story was originally published in etvbharat.com.

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