Dalit Groom Rides Mare in Wedding Procession Amidst Police Security in UP Village (The Mooknayak)

Police Protected Baraat Arrives at Dalit Daughter's Wedding in Badaun


By Satya Prakash Bharti

Badaun– Amidst caste-based tensions in Badaun, Uttar Pradesh, a shocking warning surfaced to behead a Dalit groom for riding a mare during his wedding procession. In response to the grievance lodged by the bride’s family with the Chief Minister, a robust police presence from multiple stations descended upon the village.

On Sunday, under the protective vigilance of law enforcement, the groom was ceremoniously married atop a mare, symbolizing defiance against casteist intimidation. The triumphant celebration that ensued brought boundless joy to the Dalit community, yet looming concerns persist ahead of another Dalit daughter’s wedding scheduled for March 6.

The incident unfolded against the backdrop of two Dalit weddings in the Chandesi village in Sahasvan area , scheduled for March 3 and March 6, 2024, respectively. On Sunday, wedding ceremony of one of the bride Khushboo Valmiki was held peacefully amid police security.

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