Dalit boy beaten up for touching bucket of water at school in Rajasthan’s Alwar (India Times)

In Alwar, a Dalit student was assaulted at an upper caste school for using a handpump. The incident led to police involvement after the family’s complaint. Thakur’s aggression and the principal’s negligence aggravated the situation.


Alwar: An eight-year-old Dalit student was beaten up for touching the bucket while trying to drink water from a handpump at an upper caste school in Alwar district on Saturday. Police have started an investigation after the victim’s family filed a case.

Chirag, a student of Class 4, was thirsty and went to the hand pump inside the school premises. Here, the accused, Ratiram Thakur, was filling water in a bucket.

When Chirag removed the bucket to drink water from the handpump, Thakur got furious and started beating the child, said Chirag’s father Pannalal.

Chirag reached home crying and narrated the incident to his family. When the family confronted Thakur, he threatened to kill them. Pannalal said the school principal did not act on their complaint and sent them to the police station.

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