Shambhavi Thakur

India’s most-read newspaper is crying “love jihad” again, this time with the apparent aim of whipping up fear over migrants from Bangladesh.

In an “investigation” published in its national edition, Dainik Jagran claims the Santhal Pargana region of Jharkhand is affected by a “love jihad conspiracy” hatched in Bangladesh.

The evidence? It claimed that there are “several” families in the region whose daughters were “trapped” in a “premjaal”, love trap, by Muslims and converted to marry them. The newspaper quotes just one unnamed woman who was allegedly trapped in “premjaal”, but claims that several others like her were seduced by Muslim men pretending to be Hindu and they only learned the true identities of their loves when it was too late to leave the relationship.

Even if this is presumed to be true, where’s the Bangladesh link?

The paper argues that an intelligence report prepared when BJP’s Raghubar Das was the chief minister noted a demographic change because of an influx of Bangladeshi migrants in the state.

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