VHP, BD and Durga Vihani leaders during a meeting at Jammu on Sunday.

JAMMU, Aug 14: In connection with nationwide programmes regarding observance of Akhand Bharat (United India) Resolution Day (Sankalap Diwas )today, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) J&K also held a programme here at Shakti Ashram Rehari under the leadership of its working president, Rajesh Gupta and general secretary, Abhishekh Gupta .
Speaking on the occasion, speakers said that Akhand Bharat means bringing those areas of the India back which were its part and parcel in ancient times. They said Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka , Burma , Malaysia , Tibet , Thailand and other countries were part of United India. They said some countries had separated from United India due to Mughals invasion earlier but the Pakistan and Bangladesh separated from Indian during British rule.

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