Hapur court has convicted & handed life term to 10 cow vigilantes for lynching Qasim to death & injuring Samaydeen in 2018. Samaydeen recalls how Qasim’s ‘limbs were broken, ribs fractured’.

Lynching survivor Samaydeen at his house in Madhapur, Hapur | Suraj Singh Bisht | ThePrint


Hapur: Samaydeen lay on a cot in the verandah of his cramped house in Hapur’s Madhapur village, gazing at the sun. “Qasim kept begging for a sip of water. The more he asked for water, the more they hit him. I closed my eyes and thought of Allah. After a while, the body doesn’t feel pain,” the 65-year-old tells ThePrint in an enfeebled voice.

Injuries he suffered to the ribs make it hard for Samaydeen to speak for long without running out of breath. The aching wounds become unbearable during the winter, he says, adding that on some days he thinks he should have died on that fateful day six years ago.

Samaydeen, a farmer, and Qasim, a cattle trader from Pilkhuwa village in Hapur, were attacked by a group of cow vigilantes on 18 June, 2018. The mob lynched 45-year-old Qasim to death on suspicion of cow slaughter and seriously injured Samaydeen, dragging their bodies for over a kilometre to fields near a temple in Bajhera Khurd village.

While Samaydeen was fortunate enough to have survived, Qasim’s body was found pierced with nails, his limbs broken, ribs fractured and skin scraped with a sickle.

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