New Delhi [India], January 7 (ANI): Karkardooma Court on Saturday acquitted nine persons, accused of setting ablaze a shop and house during the Delhi riots.

The court granted relief to the accused persons as their identity could not be established as members of the riotous mob and the allegations were not proved beyond a reasonable doubt.

The court also noted that there was an unexplained delay in recording the information regarding the involvement of accused persons in the alleged offences.

Additional Sessions Judge Pulastya Pramachala of Karkardooma Court acquitted accused Mohd. Shahnawaz alias Shanu, Mohd. Shoaib alias Chhutwa, Shahrukh, Rashid alias Raja, Azad, Ashraf Ali, Parvej, Md. Faisal and Rashid alias Monu by giving them the benefit of doubt.

The judge said, “I hold that sole testimony of head constable Vipin cannot be sufficient to assume the presence of accused persons in the mob, which set ablaze property of the complainant in Chaman Vihar. In such a situation, accused persons are given the benefit of the doubt.”

In view of my foregoing discussions, observations and findings, I find that charges levelled against all the accused persons, in this case, are not proved beyond doubt, the judge said.

“Hence, the accused are acquitted of all the charges levelled against them in this case,” they said in the judgement passed on January 7, 2023.

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