Conspiracy or Coincidence? Mosques defaced in March after spate of hate speeches provoking the crime weeks before (Sabrang India)

Provocation and crime: three separate incidents of vandalism and defacement of Mosques since January after three hate speeches calling for demolition of Mosques since January


Hate speech is prosecutable when it has the potential of provoking violence, a crime. So, when three such cases of venomous hate speech by far-right leaders including BJP legislators (January 2024) result in three separate incidents of vandalism and defacement of Mosques since February should this not be seen as a case of collective conspiracy? Though geographically apart, the normalisation of targeted speech and violence in the country makes a case for such causality.

Every other day we report hate speeches targeting Muslims, Christians, Mosques and Churches made by named perpetrators — leaders and mobs —that incite violence and hatred.

In recent weeks, since January 2024, speakers have provoked their audiences to desecrate Muslim religious places. At least three such hate speeches have been delivered by Bharatiya Janata Party legislators and far-right leaders wherein calls have been made to attack and destroy Muslim places of worship.

Within a month they achieved their desired result.

March 2024 (Provocation & Crime): In the month of March, a video showing the slogan of Jai Shri Ram being displayed at a Mosque through laser lighting went viral. The video, posted by Hate Detectors on ‘X’, showed Jai Shree Ram being displayed over Surat’s Jama Masjid during a Hindu wedding. The incident took place in Gujarat.

The video can be viewed here:

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