By Apoorvanand and Suraj Gogoi

The notification of the rules of the Citizenship Amendment Act came as no surprise to the people of Assam. They had been warned by their chief minister, Himanta Biswa Sarma, that the registration of political parties that dared to protest against CAA would be cancelled.

In Delhi too, activists living in predominantly ‘Muslim neighbourhoods’ witnessed an unusually heavy deployment of security forces. Some of the activists were also contacted by the police and warned politely not to get involved in any agitational activity.

What’s interesting instead is the timing if its announcement.

The announcement came right after the Supreme Court dismissed State Bank of India’s (SBI) plea to defer the date of revealing the details of the electoral bonds. It was seen as a major reversal and embarrassment for the Narendra Modi government. To prevent that from dominating the news space, another big news had to be manufactured. And what could be better than the notification of the CAA rules?

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