Christian prayer hall attacked in Karnataka (Sabrang India)

On February 28, in Karanataka’s Ramanagara, Grace Community prayer hall was attacked and vandalised.


The attackers reportedly used petrol to burn the prayer hall down. As per reports, petrol was poured into the hall through a window into the prayer hall before the place was light on fire. The fire incurred a lot of damage with the building and furniture within it having faced considerable destruction.

The local Christian community, who is trying to grapple with the violent incident, has taken to the public forum X to fervently appeal to the Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister for swift and resolute action against the perpetrators. The plea underscores the gravity of the situation and seeks justice for the deliberate assault on their place of worship.

Responding to the matter, the Ramanagara Town police have officially registered a case and have promised an investigation in the matter.

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