Chavhanke indulges in hate speech again, encourages audience to take oath for “Hindu Rashtra” with him ( Sabrang )

Says the Supreme Court pressured the Delhi Police to initiate a FIR against him

Hate Watch

On his news channel, Sudarshan News, Chavhanke frequently delivers speeches that incite hate. Apart from spreading hatred through his news channel, he also attends far right Hindutva events and sometimes even organises them to make inciteful speeches. A new video has now been doing the rounds on social media. At an event held at Nagar, Maharashtra, Suresh Chavhave delivered another anti-Muslim hate speech. In this speech, he went beyond just hate mongering, and instigated people to go against the Supreme Court by administering the oath to establishing the Hindu nation with him. Chavhanke even said that it is because of the pressure put by the Supreme Court on the Delhi Police that action is being taken against him, which he deemed to be an act of injustice. The full hate speech of Chavhanke can be read here:

The Speech

Transcript of the First video:

The video starts with Suresh Chavhanke shouting “Kon chale re kon chale? Hindu Rashtra ke liye Chale (What should we go for? Let’s go for a Hindu Rashtra).” “Arre lana hoga lana hoga, Hindu Rashtra lana hoga (We have to bring in, we have to bring in a Hindu rashtra.)”

He then speaks in Marathi and says- “Should I speak in Marathi? Pigs don’t understand Marathi, so I will speak in Hindi sometimes”

He then begins with his threats and says, “Safaed chaddar par chadhaya gaya har rupaya tumhare safaed kaffan ki vyavastha karega, savdhaan reh jao. (Every rupee offered on a white sheet will arrange for your white shroud, be careful.)”

Referring to the oath for establishing a Hindu nation in the capital of India, he says, “Pichle dino, maine Delhi mei, Hindu rashtra ki shappath li. Woh shappath, jo Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj ne 26 April, 1645 ko Raireshwar par li thi. Maine Delhi mei li. (In the last few days, I took the oath of Hindu state in Delhi. The same oath was taken by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj on April 26, 1645 on Raireshwar. I took it in Delhi.)

Chavhanke then starts with his attack on the Muslim community, and says, “Toh uske baad Delhi ke Kath-Mulle (derogatory term used for Muslims) jaage honge, Unhone kaha Suresh Chavhanke par FIR karo. Uss shappath mei humne kaha tha ki hum zarurat padhi toh balidaan denge, aur zarurat padhi toh balidaan lenge.” (So after that, the Muslims of Delhi woke up, and said that an FIR needs to be filed against Suresh Chavhanke. In the mentioned oath, we said that we will be sacrificed if the need arises, and will also make sacrifices if there is a need.)

He then again speaks in Marathi and says- “In Delhi, cases were filed against me in all civil courts. After that, cases were also was also filed in the Supreme Court. The court asked why the Delhi Police has not yet registered an FIR against Suresh Chavhanke, even after 5 months have passed?”

Attacking the Apex Court of India itself, Chavhanke says that “Kon keh raha hai? Desh ke Supreme Court mei kaha jaa raha hai. Kya Hindu Rashtra ki Shappath lena apraadh hai? (Who is saying this? This is being said in the Supreme Court of the country. Is it a crime to take the oath of establishing a Hindu state?)”

The crowd can be heard saying “no”.

Continuing with his attempt to bring down the judicial system, Chavhanke says that “Delhi police par Supreme Court dwara dabav banaya gaya. Mai aaroop laga raha hu. Mai janta hu ki judge ke khilaaf bolna kya hota hia. Lekin agar anyay karne wala kitna bhi bada ho, uske virudh bolna chahie yeh raja ne seekhaya hai. (Delhi Police was put under pressure by the Supreme Court. I know what it is to speak against a judge. But the king has taught us – however big the wrongdoer may be, we should speak against them.)”

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