Former Karnataka Minister Priyank Kharge (File Photo/ANI)

Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], December 1 (ANI): Former Karnataka minister Priyank Kharge on Thursday alleged that the state is facing a financial burden of Rs 5,280 crore since the Cattle Slaughter Ban Act came to the fore.

“Rs 5,280 crore financial burden has been imposed by the cow slaughter ban in Karnataka,” Priyank Kharge said in a press conference alleging that the state government brought the ‘revolutionary’ cow slaughter ban bill in the session at the last moment.

He further alleged that the financial situation of the state has suffered due to this Act.

Kharge, then said: “Despite being warned by the Finance Department about the repercussions related to this act, the Act was implemented by the government to pat itself on the back due to Keshav Krupa (RSS office).”

He further termed the act ‘fatal’ for the farmers citing reasons that India produces 13 per cent of the world’s leather. The leather industry had a revenue of USD 5.5 billion. It is number two in the world in footwear and leather garments.

Kharge also informed that 9 per cent of the leather production in the world takes place in India.

According to the State Economic Survey 20-21, the revenue from leather exports was Rs 521.81 crore in 2017-18, Rs 562 crore in 2018-19, Rs 502 crore in 2019-20, and Rs 166.84 crore in 2020-21. “There are at least 3.5 lakh workers in leather factories. All of them have come to the streets, has the government made any alternative arrangement for this?” he asked.

He further asserted that the government has purchased 275 Pashusanjeevini Ambulances but none of them have drivers. “The government is looting people in the name of cows,” he alleged.

“The CM had announced that he would adopt 11 cows. But where are they adopted? Why are you putting pressure on government employees to get Godatu? Cut the salary of BJP MLAs,” he said.

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