Weaponizing Citizenship

Using the NRC as a Hindu nationalist tool

The National Register of Citizens (NRC) in India’s Assam state is being used to mark non-documented citizens as ‘infiltrators’ and ‘illegal immigrants’ and thus ineligible for registration. Such a system has been a long-standing demand of the local Assamese in order to protect their language, land and culture from ‘outsiders’ — primarily referring to the Bengali speaking population. This system is now being promoted by Hindu nationalists aiming to spread their ideology through India.

Fear and panic in Assam as millions left off NRC

Villagers from Maloibari in Assam who have been left out of the NRC Murali Krishnan India's only foreigner detention center which will house illegal immigrants...

NRC: Why is India making its own people stateless?

DHAKA, Bangladesh — More than 1.9 million people living in Assam, a state of about 33 million in northeastern India, effectively became stateless recently....

Religious freedom implications of India’s NCR: USCIRF

Overview On August 31, 2019, the government of the northeastern Indian state of Assam released an updated National Register of Citizens (NRC), originally introduced in...

AASU takes out rally in Assam against Citizenship Amendment Bill

The student body leaders said that Assam and the North Eastern region are not the dumping ground of illegal Bangladeshis.

Assam farmers’ body, ULFA protest against Citizenship Amendment Bill

People are carrying out massive protests in Assam and other parts of North East against the proposed Citizenship (Amendment) Bill. On Friday Assam's farmers organisation...

Allies, opposition express concern after Amit Shah’s pan-India NRC statement

Attacking the BJP, Mamata Banerjee said that before talking about implementing NRC in West Bengal, the saffron party should answer why 14 lakh Hindus and Bengalis were omitted from the final NRC list in Assam

NRC violates constitutional morality, principles of international law

The judiciary should have kept its distance from this communal exercise that can only bring India shame at the international level. The case of Mohammad...

India’s BJP wants citizenship bill to counter mistakes in Assam’s NRC

Assamese groups are against the final version of the citizens' list that excludes indigenous and Hindu communities. Now, New Delhi wants to introduce a citizenship bill to save "genuine" residents from deportation.

Assam’s NRC and India’s unfinished partition

Aug. 31, 2019, file photo, villagers check their names in the final list of the National Register of Citizens (NRC) and take out prints...

India’s citizenship question and the never-ending Assam imbroglio

The campaign to update the National Register of Citizens in Assam has upset everyone, including its proponents.

NRC in Assam: What happened? What comes next?

The bizarre phenomenon called updating the National Registry of Citizens (NRC) in Assam, completed under the auspices of the Indian central government with direct...

Politics and ramifications of the NRC in Assam

A well thought out plan is necessary to find a solution for those who are excluded. But, the government is not interested in a dialogue with anyone, communal politics and petty political interests are their driving force.