Millions in India Could End Up in Modi’s New Detention Camps

Those who can’t prove citizenship face an uncertain future as construction of the largest center in Assam nears completion. In a river valley near the Himalayas, Purobi Hajong walks her two children to school each day past the vast, muddy construction site of India’s first standalone detention center for people who don’t meet new citizenship […]

Attacks on Indian Journalists Highlight Growing Intolerance

NEW DELHI (AP) — Reporting in India has never been without its risks, but journalists say attacks on the media during last week’s deadly communal riots between Hindus and Muslims in New Delhi show the situation is deteriorating. One reporter was shot and survived, another had his teeth knocked out, and many more said Hindu […]

The erosion of secular India Many Muslims resent Narendra Modi’s Hindu-nationalist government

RIGHT AFTER winning independence in 1947, India did two crucial things. It gave all citizens the right to vote, and it adopted a secular constitution that enshrined equality before the law. Over the decades, some of that high-mindedness has eroded. Corruption and “goondah-raj” (thug rule) politics have frequently tarnished Indian democracy. The enduring reality of […]

Fact-finding Report from UP: Young Victims of State Violence Narrate Ordeal

Close to 41 minors were or are still detained and subjected to custodial torture for participating in anti-CAA protests in the state, the report adds. The Quill Foundation, an autonomous institution engaging in research and advocacy in India, in collaboration with Citizens Against Hate and Haq: Centre for Child Rights, has collated a detailed report […]

Origins of the Kashmir Conflict – An Essay

The modern day interpretation of the Kashmir conflict is predominantly an ideological one—Muslims versus Hindus—however, it didn’t begin as such. Through power and international politics, it has become this way. Another significant aspect to consider in the development and resolution on the Kashmir issue, is the Valley-centric nature of the leadership and government that largely […]

Designed To Exclude: How India’s Courts are allowing foreigners tribunals to render people stateless in Assam

The fate of over 1.9 million people who have been left out of the National Register of Citizens (NRC) in Assam now rests with the Foreigners Tribunals. For the last 15 years, Foreigners Tribunals have wreaked havoc in Assam by arbitrarily denying people their citizenship. Riddled with bias, they have declared Indian citizens to be […]

To those crying for help, Gujarat police said: ‘We have no orders to save you’

State Participation and Complicity in Communal Violence in Gujarat Summary of the report on Gujarat Violence by Human Rights Watch in May 2002. A Hindu mob faces off with a Muslim mob during during Gujarat’s 2002 riots. Photo: AFP Thirty-eight-year-old Mehboob Mansoori lost eighteen family members in the massacre of Muslims in the neighborhood of […]

Religious Freedom in India on downward trend: UCIRF Report 2019

In 2018, religious freedom conditions in India continued a downward trend. India has a long history as a secular democ- racy where religious communities of every faith have thrived. The constitution guarantees the right to religious freedom, and the nation’s independent judiciary has often provided essential protections to religious minority communities through its juris- prudence. […]

Religious freedom implications of India’s NCR: USCIRF

Overview On August 31, 2019, the government of the northeastern Indian state of Assam released an updated National Register of Citizens (NRC), originally introduced in 1951 as part of India’s first census. The purpose of updating this list was to verify the citizenship of Assam residents and aid the government in identifying so-called “infiltrators” or […]

Police complicit in cow vigilante violence against minorities: Human Rights Watch

On March 18, 2016, a group of men murdered two Muslim cattle herders who were on their way to sell bulls at an animal fair in India’s Jharkhand state. The attackers, all linked to a local “cow protection” group, accused Mohammed Mazlum Ansari, 35, and Imteyaz Khan, 12, of selling the cattle for slaughter, then […]

Muslims abandoned Congress in UP but had no option in Gujarat: Study

Around 15% of India’s population, Muslims were considered traditional voters of the Indian National Congress (INC) since Partition in 1947. But the failure of the Indian National Congress to stop the demolition of Babri mosque in 1992 and the massacre of Muslims in Gujarat in 2002 pushed Muslims to look for other options. This is […]

U.S. Congressman urges UN Ambassador to intervene on Indian religious violence

Over the last years, Congress has authored similar letters to the government of India and challenged Prime Minister Modi and his BJP party to engage on these issues and help safeguard the rights and liberties of India’s religious minorities. However, very little has been done

JNU’s culture of dissent and free speech has made it a public enemy No. 1 for Hindutva

JNU, NDTV, Congress, Left, MSM … Divided by Internet Hindus, united by 2002.1 (Twitter handle ‘Internet Hindu’) It appeared my image on TV was very different from what I was in real life.2 (Kanhaiya Kumar, From Bihar to Tihar) Why is JNU an issue? They are fu***ing university students, why is that an issue? They […]