Hindu Mahasabha

History revisited: Was Veer Savarkar really all that brave?

Savarkar was chargesheeted in the assassination of Gandhi but exonerated, largely because no corroborative evidence of his involvement was furnished.

Hindu Mahasabha rejected the Constitution of India, preferred Manusmriti

'The worst about the new constitution of Bharat is that there is nothing Bharatiya about it. In our constitution there is no mention of the unique constitutional development in ancient Bharat. Manu’s Laws were written long before Lycurgus of Sparta or Solon of Persia. To this day his laws as enunciated in the Manusmriti excite the admiration of the world and elicit spontaneous obedience and conformity. But to our constitutional pundits that means nothing'

Hindu Mahasabha leader celebrates Mahatma Gandhi’s death by shooting him again

Hindu Mahasabha national secretary Shakun Pandey shot at an effigy of Mahatma Gandhi on Wednesday, celebrating 'Martyr's Day' in Uttar Pradesh's Aligarh.


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