Yet again, Muslim youth attacked and forced to chant ‘Jai Shri Ram’

Photo: Special arrangement Meer Faisal 18-year-old Mohammed Ejrail from Motihari in Bihar was attacked on Tuesday after he refused to chant ‘Jai Shri Ram’. Ejrail is put in intensive care with injuries from stab on his neck and head made by Bajrang Dal members. Relatives accuse that police haven’t registered any case regarding the incident […]

A life of Hindu supremacy: In conversation with a Bajrang Dal activist

The author presents a personal, first-person, account of his experience of working with Bajrang Dal activists in Ahmedabad. He attempts to throw light on the everyday lives of the Bajrang Dal boys, especially in the context of increased reportage on right-wing vigilante groups and their attacks on minorities across India. In this three-part article, he […]

Keep non-Hindus out: Bajrang Dal to Garba organizers

Bajrang Dal. PTI PhotoBajrang Dal. PTI Photo The Bajrang Dal on Saturday asked ‘Garba and Dandiya’ event organisers here to make Aadhar cards mandatory for those taking part in the celebrations during the Navratri festivities to check entry of those belonging to “non-Hindu communities.” The outfit asked organisers to make Aadhaar cards mandatory at the […]

Bajrang Dal hooligans attack pastor in UP falsely alleging forced conversion

Police said their preliminary investigation suggested a woman had called the pastor and two women to offer prayer for her ailing mother at her house. Yet, the police failed to arrest or take any action against the attackers

Bajrang Dal deploys 250 hooligans to make videos of couples on Valentine’s Day

Since the dawn of Valentine’s Day, Bajrang Dal has been stirring trouble. In fact, if they had existed in ancient Rome, they would have attacked St. Valentine and Valentine’s Day would have never happened.

Cop killed in mob violence over cow slaughter allegations in UP

Police inspector Subodh Kumar Singh was killed in mob frenzy over cow carcasses found near a village in Uttar Pradesh’s Bulandshahr

CIA calls Bajrang Dal and VHP ‘militant religious organizations’

‘You can’t organise ‘arms training camps’ to protect Hindus and cry about being called militant.’

Bajrang Dal hooligans attack police station in UP to rescue 5 from lock-up

Agra witnessed clashes between the Bajrang Dal hooligans and police. The goons attacked a police station to rescue five detained men.

Tracking the brain-washed foot soldiers of Bajrang Dal in Karnataka

‘We work for Bajrang Dal just as Hanuman works for Lord Ram’ — young men in Mangaluru on the fight for one vision, one people, one nation

Brainwashing in VHP’s Durga Vahini camp shocked me: Filmmaker

A young Indian girl at a militant training camp proclaims, “We have learned to use guns and we’ll use them if we have to. We will kill people if we need to”. Another young child, attending a camp called Durga Vahini for the first time, is seen wearing jeans, a rebellious attitude and a mischievous […]

Burning Shame: The Killing of Graham Staines and his sons by Bajrang Dal activist

No sooner had its macabre mission been completed than the mob melted away in the darkness as the flames that had leapt skywards simmered. But the heat generated by the senseless killings and the outrage stoked are far from ebbing days after the incident