Supreme Court’s Babri ruling is cornerstone of Hindu Rashtra: Audrey Truschke

The Supreme Court’s Ayodhya judgement enshrines Hindu majoritarian wishes as a principle of Indian law. / Kevin Ilango for The Caravan Maps of the Hindu Rashtra typically depict the Indian subcontinent drenched in a uniform saffron. Some see a lofty vision of unity in that colouring, but I see the violent and painful erasures of […]

The lessons from Germany and Italy for the Sangh Parivar’s fascism

Renowned historian, Prof Sumit Sarkar analyzed how demolition of mosque at Ayodhya was beginning of street violence of the fascist tradition. A quarter century later many of Professor’s worries have turned into reality.

SC Ayodhya ruling: CJI Gogoi’s lack of transparency is a moral lapse

Supreme Court has descended into the arena of a communal conflict and stamped a blot on its reputation

Ram has been demoted to the status of a partisan hero

Temple and mosque Inside and beyond India, many have questioned the logic in the Supreme Court’s verdict giving to Hindu parties the disputed 2.77-acre site on which the Babri Mosque had stood until its 1992 demolition. After holding clearly, unqualifiedly, and unanimously that the demolition was an ‘illegal act’, and after condemning in similar language […]

Former Supreme Court Judge slams Babri order

The Supreme Court announced its final verdict in the contentious Ayodhya case on November 9, less than a month after it concluded final hearing in the case. “I am perplexed and disturbed. The constituion gives the right to every one and justice has to be given to everyone but in this case the justice has […]

Transformation of India is nearly complete: New York Times

According to Indian journalist Hartosh Singh, the Indian Supreme Court’s decision to allow the building of a temple for Rama on a disputed site is likely to intensify the Hindu nationalist efforts to turn India into a majoritarian nation.

‘Why I won’t eulogize Vajpayee and you shouldn’t either’

My encounter with Atal Behari Vajpayee after the demolition of the Babri Masjid