An angry mob had allegedly beaten a man for ‘molesting’ a girl at a mall in Surat city, Gujarat. The man, who was found to be a cloth merchant, later died due to severe head injuries. The police arrested nine persons on the basis of evidence found on CCTV footage at the spot.

By ETV Bharat English Team

Surat (Gujarat) : An incident of mob lynching has come to light in Surat, the diamond city of Gujarat. A man was accused of molesting a girl at a mall, when several people gathered and beat him badly and took him to the police station. There, the man collapsed and he was identified as a 40-year-old cloth merchant named Sagar Navetia and was later declared as dead at the hospital.

Police have arrested nine people in this entire case on the basis of CCTV footage. On March 16, Surat Police Control Room had received information that a person was molesting a girl near West Complex in Vesu area. The police detained the cloth merchant on charges of molesting the girl. During interrogation at the police station, Sagar said that he was having chest pain. At the same time he suddenly fell on a bench and was taken to New Civil Hospital, where doctors declared him dead.

When the police investigated further, it was found that when the accused was molesting the girl, the people present there had beaten him badly. Police have so far arrested nine people in this incident of mob lynching. It includes most of the mall businessmen and employees. When people came to know that the accused was molesting the girl and making obscene gestures, they gathered. At first the accused was beaten and asked to leave from there but after some time other people also came and the accused was again dragged and beaten.

The post-mortem report of Sagar’s body revealed that Sagar was hit on the head with a heavy object, due to which he died. DCP Vijay Singh Gurjar said that this incident happened on the night of 16 March. Police received information that an accused was doing obscene acts on the first floor of the West Field Complex. After this the accused went to the basement. There Aman and his friends beat him up. This incident is also visible in CCTV footage. After this these people drove the accused away from there.

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