An RSS conclave in Pune. Photo: Reuters

By Devanoora Mahadeva / The Wire

In his book Chintana Ganga, Golwalkar seeks to bury the federal system of India as a Union of States. In one swoop, BJP buried the federal system ― by introducing GST. On the face of it, GST appears to be an economic reform. But what of its impact? By agreeing to this new regime, the states of the Union have ceded their financial autonomy to the Centre. We are now in a situation where the states’ wealth is placed at the foot of the Centre and they have to then beg for their share from it. By burying the federal system, the central BJP government has fulfilled their Guru Golwalkar’s desire and paid obeisance to him ― by taking the very life of the federal system which is the most important feature of our Constitution! Also staring at us now are efforts to make Hindi the lingua franca ― the first step towards achieving the goal of making Sanskrit the common language of our country. These are all small steps towards eventually realising their anti-pluralist aspiration of one nation, one language, one race, one leader, etc.

In education, it’s the same story. RSS always lays its hands first on education and history. An example of this hatred is the omission of this sentence from the 6th standard textbook: “Tipu Sultan fought many battles against the British. He tried to oust the British from the country by allying with the French.” Likewise, Tipu’s forays into sericulture, land reform, small farm loans, construction of a mint etc. were abandoned. Similarly, unable to bear the section ‘Rise of New Religions’, wherein Jainism and Buddhism are introduced as religions, the Karnataka government has changed it to Jain and Buddhist sects (of Hinduism) and moved it to the 8th class! The true religions of India, such as Jainism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Lingayatism have become bites, which can’t be swallowed by the smaller Chaturvarna Hindu group. RSS is working hard to wipe out the true religions of India, which all reject the Chaturvarna system.

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