A cultural procession organised by its Department of History at the Bodoland University in Kokrajhar, Assam took a disturbing turn when it depicted Muslims as criminals.


The incident took place on March 16 where a cultural event intended as a celebration of Bodo Legendary Heroes during the university’s 23rd varsity week and Thulunga Festival was being held. However, a viral video showed a stage act where two people were dressed in Muslim attire, with beards and skull caps, and also had their hands bound. They are being walked in the rally behind a man reportedly dressed up as a policeman. The two dressed up people are shown to be beaten up by police personnel in the video of the rally. The rally, with students holding up the banner for the event, can be seen following behind.

It has drawn condemnation from students and organisations in the state. In response to the incident, according to Northeast Now, the Muslim Student Union of Assam (MSUA) central president Jalal Uddin expressed shock at the depiction and promised action if the university fails to address the matter promptly. “We do not understand why a higher educational institute tried to portray Muslims as criminals. We condemn the attitude of Bodoland University for such humiliation. The entire community is not responsible for an act of a certain person. We will wait for two days. If the university authority does not clarify the issue, we will lodge an FIR against them.”

As per the report, other student organisations including North East Minority Students Union (NEMU), Krishak Shramiak Unnayan Sangram Samiti (KSUSS), Muslim Jatiya Parishad (MJP), and Burman Mandai Students Union (BMSU) have also condemned the incident.

This story was originally published in sabrangindia.in. Read the full story here.