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It is a common sight in Northern India for pro-Hindutva propaganda films to be lapped up by BJP. For instance, everyone saw how Kashmir Files was lapped up by BJP forces up north and this film turned out to be a blockbuster, thanks to the narrative built by the BJP.

Now, this culture has started off in Telugu with the new release Razakar getting mentioned in BJP events. Bandi Sanjay has stated that he watched Razakar film and loved it, so he has booked all the theaters in Karimnagar to show the film to the public.

Incidentally, even the prime minister himself, Modi spoke about Razakar-related events in his speech in Hyderabad today.

It is an evident pattern that the BJP leadership is lapping up Razakar film and if the trend in North India can be implemented in the South, then Razakar could be the first Telugu film to be carried entirely due to the propaganda surrounding it.

But there is no precedent of a Telugu film running entirely due to a built-up propaganda. We have to wait and see if Razakar, being a pro-Hindu film set in the Razakar genocide era will be the film to set the new precedent on this front.

Up North, there were allegations that Kashmir Files and Kerala Story benefited by the corporate bookings done by the BJP groups. Will we see a similar pattern in the case of Razakar in Telugu?

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