BJP leader Kapil Mishra calls Kejriwal ‘Owaisi of Delhi’, targets Muslims (Siasat)

Mishra persisted with the BJP's rhetoric that reservations would be taken away from SCs and OBCs and given to Muslims

Hate Watch

Kapil Mishra

By Sayima Ahmad

The Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) controversial leader Kapil Mishra has once again delivered an inflammatory speech against Muslims and Rohingya refugees for ‘bearing multiple children’.

Mishra made these remarks during a Lok Sabha election campaign rally in Kalkaji, New Delhi. A video of the hate speech went viral on social media platforms drawing ire from the netizens.

In the video, Mishra is purportedly heard making derogatory remarks against Muslims, alleging that “they bear multiple children and attribute it to Allah”. Mishra also accused AAP MLA Amanatullah Khan of providing Rs 10,000 to Rohingya refugees who later sent their children to Madrasas. He also made disparaging comments about Rohingya women.

Mishra said: “Ek gali mai 2 ghar hai. Ek admi k 2 bahce, dusri admi k 12 bachee Allah ki dayn. Sarkar kheti hai inn ko jodh lo barabar barabar bannt do. Muje bas itna bata do 2 bache ka paise kis k pass jaye ga.” One of the supporters can be heard saying, “Allah ki chuti kar de ge hum,” amid applaud.

Amanatullah Rohingya ko 10 hazar detee hai,” he said, claiming that money had been taken from school going youngsters and given to Madrasa pupils. He asked his supporters if they had seen evidence of him providing money to Rohingyas. “Rohingya owrat ko 4 bachee baghal mai, 5 godh mai, aur 6th pethh mai…” he went on.

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