As Supreme Court continued to hear pleas against the decision of the Gujarat government to grant remission to the 11 convicts who had been sentenced to life imprisonment for multiple murders and cases of sexual assault during the riots in the state in 2002, Bilkis Bano’s lawyer told the court that her rapists were treated with ‘kid gloves’ and favoured by the Gujarat government despite the gruesome and barbaric nature of the crime they committed.

The convicts were allowed to walk free from jail on August 15, 2022 after their application for remission of the sentence was approved by the Gujarat government. Bano’s counsel although accepted the principle of remission, argued that the crimes committed by the convicts were not just “a gunshot injury or a simple murder case”.

Eight minors were killed, including Bano’s three-and-a-half-year old child. Bano was pregnant when she was gangraped. 14 counts of murder in total. Bano’s counsel Shobha Gupta described the gruesome details of the crimes.

“These crimes were brutal, barbaric, and gruesome. Convicts have a right to be considered for remission on completion of a certain period of sentence. My issue here is the factors that the government has neglected to consider. This is not a case in which remission should be granted. What would be the impact on society if people like these come out or what precedence value would it set? Considerations at the time of conviction cannot be completely ignored,” she said, according to a report by LiveLaw.

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