NEW DELHI – A Muslim youth was beaten to death at Chhat Ghat in Mahartha village of the Bihar’s Muzaffarpur district on Sunday when he went to meet her girlfriend.

According to reports, family members of the woman started beating Nihal accusing him of harassment when they saw the couple together at a Chhat Ghat venue. People joined the family in assaulting him and his friend Faizan. The mob left him assuming him to be dead. The police took him to a nearby hospital where he is being treated. However, his friend Nihal died on the spot.

Family members of Nihal, along with the villagers, started protesting when his dead body reached the village after the postmortem. They demanded the arrest of the woman’s father Shambhu Sa. Local police reached the spot and assured them that the culprits will be arrested soon.

According to his mother Shamima, Nihal alias Ayan was invited for the Chhat Pujan and was killed by her father named Shambhu Sa and her maternal uncle Devinder.

“I pleaded with them with folded hands saying don’t do anything to my son. But Shambhu said he would kill him. I was called when they kept him tied. Shambhus and his family killed him,” said Shamima told the local media.

“We want justice. We want the arrest of Shambu Sa. I called him. He told me that he has killed my son,” she said.

There was a love affair between the couple four years ago. They got to know each other at a coaching center. They fell in love when while studying there. In November of 2018, the couple eloped and got married in a court. The family of the woman had filed an FIR against Nihal. He was jailed and released on bail.

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