Karnataka chief minister Basavaraj Bommai; Photo by Bandeep Singh/ India Today

By Raj Chengappa / India Today

Q. You have vast political experience, including being a minister in the past. You are also the son of a former chief minister of the state. What was the novelty of the challenge you faced as chief minister, and in your approach to the task?

Right from the first day of my political career, I had to make a choice between people politics and power politics. I felt that I should do people politics because power is only a byproduct of it. I have been associating with people’s causes and struggles, and I love to be with them. Being chief minister is vastly different and is a huge responsibility with all kinds of challenges. Even the last man in the queue should feel that this government is for him. People’s aspirations are so high that you need a high-octane performfance to meet them.

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