Banned On Facebook, But T Raja’s Hate Speeches Are Everywhere (Boom Live)

Two videos were removed for violating hate speech policies after Decode reached out to YouTube. But T Raja's speeches are on every platform.

Hate Watch

By Vipul Kumar

On February 19, on the occasion of Shivaji Jayanti, T Raja Singh, a suspended BJP MLA from Telangana said, “Don’t leave a single love jihadi alive in Maharashtra. Our sisters are being trapped by love jihad. They are being made into a machine for childbirth. Any sister who does not obey is being cut into 35 pieces”.

Eight days later, the Latur police filed an FIR under sections 153A (Promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of religion, race, place of birth, residence, and language), 153B (punishment against imputations and assertions prejudicial to national integration), 295A (punishment for acts that are intended to insult the region or religious beliefs of a certain class of citizens), and 505 (spreading of false and mischievous news intended to upset the public tranquility) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

However, the video of the hateful speech is still available on YouTube, uploaded by a channel named Indian Festival and Sounds, which has 1760 subscribers.

Many of the videos that were uploaded on YouTube were taken down by the platform days later. One of the channels ‘Shree Ram Channel Telangana’ was terminated for being dedicated to violating YouTube’s hate speech policies, after Decode reached out to YouTube for comment…

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