Saba Sheikh. sister of accused Sameer who allegedly attacked a Bajrang Dal worker in Shivamogga.

“Our investigations so far have found that the reason for the attack was personal and not because Sunil was a Hindu activist,” Shivamogga Superintendent of Police (SP) G Mithun Kumar said.

Bengaluru: The sister of the man accused of attacking a Bajrang Dal worker in Karnataka‘s Shivamogga alleged that she was constantly harassed by the right-wing outfit worker and was asked to remove her burqa.

Addressing a press conference in Shivamogga’s Sagara, Saba Sheikh alleged that Bajrang Dal worker Sunil asked her to convert to Hinduism.

“After the Hijab row, he used to tell me to remove my hijab and burqa when I used to attend my classes. He used to follow me everywhere. He also told me to convert to the Hindu religion,” a teary-eyed Sheik alleged.

“My brother studies in Bengaluru. I used to tell him whenever Sunil harassed me. My brother is not the one to attack someone. He might have gone to scare Sunil so that he stays away from me. His house is also on the same route as my house.”

Sheik said that she never confronted Sunil and used to return home directly from her college.

The incident took place on Monday when a man wielding a machete tried to attack Sunil. Police later identified the assailant as Sameer, Saba’s brother.

Sunil escaped unhurt and filed a complaint with the police, following which a case was registered. Three people, including Sameer, were arrested.

Shivamogga Superintendent of Police (SP) G Mithun Kumar confirmed that Sheik was indeed being harassed.

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