Bajrang Dal Member’s Assault on Tribal Youth Sparks Outrage as Video Goes Viral, Case Registered (The Mook Nayak)

Rising Trend of Tribal Atrocities Unfolds in Madhya Pradesh

By Ankit Pachauri

Betul– In Madhya Pradesh, a disturbing trend of incidents involving tribal communities continues to unfold. Despite previous high-profile cases such as the Seedhi urination incident and the Nemawar murder case, recent events have once again cast a dark shadow over the state.

The emergence of a video depicting the brutal beating of a tribal youth in Betul district is another glaring example of the persistent violence faced by indigenous populations. Lasting 2 minutes and 42 seconds, the footage captures the harrowing ordeal of a young man subjected to merciless assault, further exacerbated by humiliating demands.

This latest incident unfolded on Saturday night, with the video surfacing the following day, prompting widespread outrage. In response, authorities have taken action by registering a case under the Atrocity Act and other relevant sections at Betul Kotwali police station.

The individual identified as Chanchal Rajput, reportedly a co-coordinator of the Narmadapuram division of Bajrang Dal, stands accused of brutally assaulting the youth depicted in the video. The victim, identified as Raj Uike, is employed as a DJ, and the altercation is believed to have stemmed from a pre-existing dispute between the DJ owner and Chanchal Rajput. As of the latest update, no arrests have been made in connection with the incident.

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