Bajrang Dal activists stopped a party organised in a private hotel in Shivamogga on night of March 17. Around 70 participants, a majority of them women, were told to leave the venue.

Activists of Bajrang Dal, under the leadership of Rajesh Gowda, gathered in front of Hotel Cliff Embassy on Kuvempu Road late in the evening to protest against the party inside. Doddapete Police reached the spot. Within a few minutes, all the women, and the men accompanying them, left the hotel.

Rajesh Gowda, district convener of Bajrang Dal, told mediapersons that they had information about the women’s party (Ladies Night). “This is not part of our culture. We will not allow such events in Shivamogga because we do not want our city to become another Manipal,” he stated.

“We had information about the ladies’ party in the hotel. We urged the police to stop it. However, as the event was not called off, we intervened, along with the Doddapete police, and ensured it was stopped.”

He claimed that women taking part in such events is against ‘Hindu culture’. “The Bajrang Dal would not tolerate such events in Shivamogga,” he said and, among other things, objected to the attire of the women at the party.

He claimed that his organisation did not take the law into their hands, but instead informed the police, who stopped the party…

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