Assam Killings: ‘#MoinulHoque Is A Hero’ Trends On Twitter, Netizens Hail Him A ‘Shaheed’

Moinul Haque’s Aadhaar Card Photo Source:


Moinul Hoque was killed on September 23 during a protest when policemen rained bullets on him while he was running with a cane in his hand. The merciless act was caught on camera and a video went viral which also showed a government cameraman stomping on the body of Hoque who lay on the ground numb. The horrific visuals sent shockwaves across far and wide and invited condemnation from opposition and rights groups.

The poor residents of the village were protesting against the demolition of their homes and mosques during an eviction drive by the Assam government.

“Moinul saw police beating the girl. His house was already taken down. He became angry, he took a lathi and tried to chase the police away” -Girl’s cousin. Rest we all know what happened.

Moinul was a HERO,” Advocate Aman Wadud tweeted.

Many others went on to assert that he was a ‘hero’.

Meanwhile, he was also hailed as a Shaheed (Martyr)

“May Allah give strength to Shaheed Moinul Haque sb’s loved one,” AIMIM leader Asaduddin Owaisi said in a tweet.

“Standing alone against the might of the monster state! This is the image of Shaheed Moinul Houqe that we shall remember forever. Salam, Ya Shaheed, Salam!,” activist Sharjeel Usmani tweeted.


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