Assam: Five Muslims falsely arrested for waging ‘Flood Jihad’, released after 15 days

By SYED ALI MUJTABA / Muslim Mirror

Guwahati – So far five Muslims have been arrested for waging ‘Flood Jihad’ that caused heavy floods in the Hindu majority areas of Silchar. The arrests were made around July 3 and after keeping the Muslim men behind bars for 15 days but were let out for lack of any evidence.

These arrests were made of the Muslims living in the Muslim-dominated Bethukandi, an area in Silchar but police found no evidence against them to link with any ‘Flood Jihad’ theory.

Assam witnessed two waves of flood first in May and then in June this year as rains came early and were heavier than usual. But it brought in its wake wanton death and destruction which is normal and happens each year.

However, this year there was a new twist in the Assam floods. This is because social media this year went hammer and tongs with the theory ‘Flood Jihad’ and blamed Muslims for the floods.

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