By NEHAL AHMED / Maktoob Media

Anti-Citizen Amendment Act activist Shadab Ahmad, incarcerated for over three years in cases related to the 2020 Delhi pogrom, has reportedly developed abdominal tuberculosis. Ahmad is a BCA graduate and worked as a factory supervisor before he got involved in CAA protests and subsequently got arrested for violence in Northeast Delhi.

Three weeks back, Ahmad’s father, Shamshad Ahmad, was on a video call with his 30-year-old son when he complained of pain in the abdomen. The father brushed it off as a minor illness.

But a few days later when Ahmad was taken to a hospital, the doctors examined him and after undergoing radiology scans, the reports diagnosed him with abdominal tuberculosis–  a disease that includes the involvement of the gastrointestinal tract, peritoneum, lymph nodes, and solid organs.

Since then Ahmad’s family has been in distress and is appealing for his release.

“He is trying to be brave, he is fine and taking his medicines. if he comes out then we can take better care of him,” His father told Maktoob.

“My son has not done anything wrong, he just took part in the protest. Protest is not a crime. He did not say or do anything against any religion, the government or the nation. There is no evidence of this or any video. Protests are our right. What should I do, tell me. It has been more than 3 years.”

“Ahmad is getting treatment for abdominal tuberculosis at GTB Nagar Hospital. Earlier we applied for interim bail in the high court, and the high court directed us to go to the trial court. Now we are filing in the trial court”  His lawyer told Maktoob.

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