A video of a woman being dragged by a man is circulating widely on social media. The footage also shows several people, including some women, holding her by the hair and kicking, punching, and beating her with slippers and sticks. It has been claimed that the video is from Pakistan, and the victim is a Hindu.

Zee Hindustan tweeted the clip and wrote, “Atrocities on Hindus continue in Pakistan. A Hindu woman was beaten up with sticks over a trivial matter.” (Archived link)

Vinod Bansal, the national spokesperson of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, tweeted the video and wrote, “On one hand, Afghanistan banned girls from studying abroad, while Pakistan has resorted to terrible cruelty towards Hindu women. This anti-women mentality of jihadis cannot be changed.” (Archived link)

Divya Kumar Soti, a columnist with pro-BJP propaganda outlet OpIndia, quote-tweeted Zee Hindustan’s post, adding, “If Hindus are not taken seriously in India, then how will their condition be in Pakistan?” (Archived link)

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