The Communist Party of India (Marxist) is a communist political party in India (Representative Image)

By Mohammed Hussain Ahmed / Siasat

Hyderabad: Agnipath scheme is an effort to promote fascist nasizm in the country. Abhay, CPI (Maoist) leader and spokesperson in a press statement said that the Modi government is promoting Brahmanvad and Hindutva in the country.  The Agnipath scheme is meant to divide society.

The government had made this experiment with tribal youths in Chhattisgarh by inducting them in the police force. Now the same experience is being replicated in the name of “Agniveers” to conscript youths in the army.

The CPI leader termed the Agnipath scheme as an effort by RSS and BJP to turn the nation into a Hindu Rashtra.  The goal of this scheme is to promote the RSS agenda to prepare an army with its ideology.

The Press statement alleged that the BJP is trying to promote fascism with Hindutva ideology in all government departments and following anti-people policies to benefit the capitalists which is leading to widespread unemployment. Abhay said that the Agnipath scheme is nothing short of conscription.

The press statement said that the Agnipath scheme is being introduced under the dictat of the  World Bank and International Monetary Fund ostensibly to lessen the burden on the  Government treasury which has been admitted by the government itself.

The statement further said that the recent scheme is meant to prepare an army to implement the idea of “One country One police” to persecute the general public, backward section of the society and working class.

The statement stated that the central government announced the Agnipath scheme disregarding the parliament rules and regulations and implementing this scheme can widen the Gulf between the central and the states’ governments.

The CPI leader urged the people to oppose this scheme which is nothing but an effort to divide the society.  He further said that the government is planning to bring police Raj in the country which is against the democratic rules.   He demanded the government to roll back this scheme forthwith.

Abhay also appealed to the youth not to be part of any force that would spread communalism and hatred and turn the country into a Hindu Rashtra.

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